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Viza Electronics offers a complete and diverse solution for any magnetic needs, whether the requirement is for Coils, Inductors or Transformers.  Products range from SMT Inductors to RF transformers. Because of the wide range of applications covered, we have extensive experience with meeting UL, TUV, ANSI, BABT,  ITU and ETSI requirements.
For a complete listing of our products, please contact us with your requirement.
Power Application Products:
SMD Wire Wound Inductors
SMD Power Inductors
Shielded and Un-shielded Power Inductors
Common Mode Chokes
Power Chokes
Current Sense Transformers
Ferrite Core Transformers (wide variety of core types avaialbe)
Laminated Transformers
Toroidal Transformers
Telecommunication Application Products:
Ceramic (Multi-Layer) High Frequency Inductors
Common Mode Chokes
ISDN Transformers
T1/E1 and T3/E3
LAN Transformers
Power Over Ethernet (POE) Transformers