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Viza offers and array of AC/DC Wall Adapters and Desktop type converters. Our offering has off-the-shelve solutions that go from 2.5W to 120W solutions with built-in features like power factor correction, over temperature shutdown, replaceable plugs, and universal input voltage range among others.


We offer both Wall Adapters and Desktop (brick) solutions depending on the power rating required or customer specification. We specialize in providing very quick turn around time in the development of customized power solutions. Whether the requirement calls for ultra-low ripple or noise, special EMI constraints, ultra high efficiency or a custom case we can manage it.


We also offer a wide array of DC to DC converters for automotive applications (CLA) as well as DC-DC converters for telecommunication equipment. We can provide units that span from a simple 12V output rectified supply to a 5V or 3.3V output ruggedized solution with single or dual output. We have multiple solutions to charge cell phones or tablet devices like the Apple iPad/iPad2 or the SamSung Galaxy.


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